Spring Cleaning List

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You’ve heard the expression ‘a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind’ and this really can be true!

You always feel good when you’ve cleaned the house or uncluttered a closet but the thought of spring cleaning can be overwhelming!  The best way to approach it is to get organized, set priorities and approach one task at a time.  To get you started, here is a list of my top six places that need attention:

1. Closets – Are you holding on to outdated or ill-fitting clothes or something that you haven’t worn in over a year?  It’s time to clear them out and donate them for better use!

2. Cabinets – When was the last time you looked at the expiration dates on the products in you medicine chest?  Take some time to check them and properly discard anything that is past its prime.  You could also take this opportunity to do something with all of those little travel size toiletries.  I like to fill “guest boxes” to keep in the spare rooms so I have supplies handy for friends and family.
3. Pantry – If you take a minute to really look at your pantry, you’ll probably notice the old cooking supplies, stale cereal and massive amounts of plastic bags.  Clean it out!
4. Offices – Take the time to sit down and clear out those stacks of junk mail, magazines and things to file.
5. Storage containers – Do you remember what’s in all of those boxes filling the garage or attic?  If not, then they’re probably not worth the storage space.  Sort through them and decide what you really want to keep and what can be put in the garage sale.  You might even want to invest in some totes to protect your valuables from water or critter damage.
6. Garage – Since you’re already out there sorting through the storage containers, you might as well go ahead and organize all of the other stuff that’s gotten tossed or piled in the space where your car should be.


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