One Finger Pushups – Can Only Vulcans Can Do Them?

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So I was reading a magazine the other day and read an article about some Kung Fu guys who can do one finger pushups.  I was ridiculously amazed at the thought.  I was like “Why would you want to do that or care?  Surely this must help with some Kung Fu grip or death smash…”.  After about 10 minutes of research on Google (which we all know is always right) I found out that YES it is basically a stunt.  There are no muscles in the fingers and you can really hurt yourself if you put too much weight on them at a time.

(Disclaimer: Don’t be stupid.  If you can’t do a lot of pushups and are heavy set you’re gonna break your fingers.)

However, as with any body training you can teach your body to do amazing things, including fingertip pushups.  Since you can not immediately do a one finger push up some muscles have to get stronger (mainly in the palm of your hand).  I could see this helping me out next time I am playing Star Trek with my friends and I pull out the Vulcan Death Grip.  For this reason alone, I continued my research and found a great way to condition your body to get to the one finger pushup.

1. Start with your hands on the floor shoulder width apart

2. Start off with a normal pushup with your palms and fingers flat on the floor.

3. After you feel comfortable with normal pushups continue doing them but raise your palms off the ground so your doing normal pushups with only your 10 fingers on the ground

4. (This is the part that takes awhile.)  Over days of doing this exercise start lifting individual fingers off the ground until your are only using one finger to do the push up.  Remember as you lessen the fingers you will either need to roll to one side to stay balanced or move your hand towards the center of your body.

This is incredibly hard, but I think we can all agree an incredibly impressive way to do fingertip pushups.

If you can do a one finger pushup or know how to do the Vulcan death grip leave a comment and a link to your fan club below.

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