Jumping Rope – Why Little Susie is Stronger Than You…Wimp!

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I remember growing up in my small town in Indiana where every year in school we would have “Presidential Physical Fitness Week”.  Basically we had to perform a series of physical tests that even the wimpy kid we beat up every day could do and if (when) we completed it, our parents got to drive around with a stupid bumper sticker on their car and I got an “Official” photocopied certificate signed from the President!  These tests included throwing a softball 10 ft, running a 100 meters (the whole thing!) and jumping rope 100 times.

Even though everyone over the age of 15 was lying to our faces about the letter from the President, I understand that they were really just trying to teach us a lesson about staying fit.  As I got older and more adapt to sports training I was actually really glad that the fake president boosted my ego about jumping rope so many times because it really is an AMAZING exercise for just about any sport.  Here is a short list of WHY jumping rope is so good for you and maybe even how you can maximize your time jumping up and down in one spot like a hyper active 5 year old who has to pee.

1. Jumping rope tones muscle and reduces fat
2.  Jumping rope increases your joint strength and also your bones density
3. Jumping rope increases your leg power and endurance
4. Jumping rope allows aerobic and anaerobic training (google the difference it’s amazing)
5. Jumping rope improves coordination.  The skipping movement gets your upper and lower body to coordinate movements.  This can really help you in any sport or part of life.
6. Jumping rope is great for warming up your entire body
7. Jumping rope can and will increase your vertical if you do it everyday

Three Different Kinds of Ropes

Leather Ropes
-What boxers usually use, Like “Ali”.  I suggest getting the ones with swivel handles for ease of use otherwise your gonna get all tangled up. Example:  Everlast Leather Weighted Jump Rope (9.5 feet)

PVC Speed Ropes
-Yes, as the name implies, these ropes are made for speed.  If you are a newcomer to rope jumping you might want to wear some shoes and pants for this one until you get the hang of it. It is not uncommon to get some whip action on those shins. Example: Everlast Deluxe Speed Rope

Heavy Ropes
-These are great for upper body strengthening, but I wouldn’t suggest them for long periods of time.  Maybe just a couple minutes to avoid unnecessary strain. Example: Valeo 2-Pound Weighted Jump Rope

So now you have a little information on why to jump rope, the kinds of rope to use, and how parents and teachers lie to their children to make them do what they want.  Leave comments… the president says so.

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