Pole Dancing Fitness: My Experience

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Yep, that’s right, I’m learning to pole dance. I like it. I’m good at it. Uncomfortable yet?

When I found a Living Social deal for pole dancing classes, I was excited. I talked a friend in to joining me and we had 2 classes in which we got to do sexy walks, spins and oh, right, work out. Pole dancing fitness is a trend and I think it’s becoming pretty popular. Carmen Electra brought Striptease fitness to the world a few years ago and since then, being sexy and getting fit have gone hand in hand.

Does it count?
I always tell people to have fun with fitness, try new trends, learn a new skill or just find something that doesn’t feel like exercise! This logic applies to pole dancing fitness! I was curious as to how the classes would measure up from a fitness perspective. I’d put them as a 3-4 on a 10 point scale because I wasn’t sweating during or sore afterwards. However, the 2nd class was much more intense than the first, which makes me think that the better you are, the harder the work out. The upper body was the most worked because you are swinging and holding on to the pole. I wouldn’t use this is a kickboxing class replacement but if you are looking to have fun, learn some sexy moves and burn a few calories, then sign up!!

Sexy Factor
I think there is something awesome about being “forced” to be sexy. We all signed up for the class so we clearly wanted to be sexy doing sexy moves. But then, the lights go out, the music starts and everyone is suddenly shy about wiggling their hips and running their hands over their body. As a former hip hop dancer, I had an advantage because I can commit no matter what (even though many times, it’s not pretty!). It was nice to see people relax, loosen up and after being instructed and reminded on ways to be sexy, everyone starting to get in to it. I think being able to take that step over the line of shyness and be comfortable with your body is a must, no matter what your age, size or fitness level.

Class Layout:
20 minutes of stretching, pushups, crunches and warming up
25 minutes of learning spins and moves – we learned 4 spins per class (none upside down- damn!)
5 minutes of free-styling to sexy music and strobe lights.

Overall, I had fun. I want to sign up for more classes. I secretly want to be able to spin upside down on the pole. I’m not sure anyone outside of class will ever witness these new-found skills but I like it, I’m good at it, I was challenged and I got a work out. Sounds like the perfect activity to me!

Moral of the story: Grab a friend or 2, your favorite booty shorts and sign up the next time you see a Groupon, Living Social, etc deal.

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