Fitness Product Review: Nayad Athletic Swimwear

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Nayad swimsuitI know we have all struggled with shopping for swimsuits. I’ve found that swimsuits to train in are even harder to get the right fit. When I was invited to try Nayad Athletic Swimwear  – I jumped at the chance! I’ve had previous success with Zoot suits and Athleta and I wanted to see if this would compare. With Nayad, you select the cuts of top and bottom that you want, customize each element of the piece and then select your colors. 

First of all, the ordering process was super easy so I was anxious to see how the suit would fit. I really liked being able to make a selection of cut or color and have it visibly displayed. The suit I got was exactly as ordered and since it was measurement based – it was the PERFECT fit! I honestly can’t believe it.

nayad suit designer


Options – There are so many ordering options! I guess this could be a Con too but since I was using this for tri-training purposes, I wanted specific things like the shorts and the crossed back straps. Normally, I’m limited on mixing and matching cuts and then what colors they are offered in. Since you can completely customize this – that problem no longer existed.

Fit – Since it was measurement based, it was a great fit.

Performance – I’ve only worn it a few times in the pool but so far it is holding its shape and elasticity. I also haven’t had any color fading problems.

Timeframe – Delivery time was super fast. I expected to wait a few weeks, but it arrived in a few days. A very nice surprise.


I think the only Con I have is that the purple waistband is a little shinier than I thought it would be.


This was a very good ordering experience and a great custom product. I would strongly recommend this suit to not only triathletes but anyone that wants a great fitting suit in the colors and cuts that they want. On a personal note, I would recommend that if you are using the suit for training purposes, you don’t go with the V cut neck – in some strokes it takes on a little bit of water. It isn’t a design flaw, I just liked the V neck and then realized why none of my other suits have that cut!

Thank you to Nayad for the swim suit.

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