Are You a Selective Germaphobe?

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kiss-the-Blarney-stoneIn our daily lives, most of us are pretty particular about germs and cleanliness. For instance, I can’t stand it when the person that touches my food also touches the money, therefore defeating the purpose of wearing the gloves, but anyway. When we are in the gym, we wipe down our machines, we put towels down on shared yoga mats and we wear flip-flops in the shower but I have to say, if I make it to the Blarney Stone, I’m kissing it! What do you think? Trip Advisor recently released a list of the ‘germiest’ tourist places such as the Blarney Stone in Ireland and the Market Theater Gum Wall in Seattle. Does this bother you? If you’ve traveled a long way are you going to be the 400,001 person to kiss the Stone this year or do you watch from afar and yet still pull out your hand sanitizer?

Kissing, chewing — the ‘germiest’ tourist attractions –

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