P90X Progress Report: Week 11

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Week 11 of P90X! I started the week on the road so just fitting in the workouts was a success. I finished the week out at home but didn’t make it to the gym for the workouts, like I was hoping. I wasn’t as hungry this week as in the past either so I didn’t start testing out the protein bars.  However, I did stock up on various protein bars, so I’ll be doing a review on those in the coming weeks.

I’m glad I’ve only got a week left of this workout because I’m getting bored – I usually change up my workout every few weeks so this has been a challenge. I’m still enjoying the fact that after every workout, I’m sore! I really feel like I’m getting a good workout. Although, I have picked up extra cardio on most days and since I didn’t in week 11, I’m feeling a bit lumpy this week!

When it comes to the bet, Nik was plagued with the flu a couple of weeks early on and then back pain and never got back on track… until now.  I agreed to give him a redo – so if he doesn’t stick with it this time – I’m rich! Although, honestly, I was more looking forward to the celebration and both of us rockin’ ripped abs than making him pay up.

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I have no affiliation/sponsorship, etc with BeachBody and P90X. I am simply testing and reviewing the series for fun and educational purposes.

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