P90X Review Progress Report: Week 7

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Week 7 of the P90X workouts series was awesome! I was getting bored working out in my living room (even though Tony is great) and missing the gym so I decided to take action.  I took the workout logs to the gym and had the best week yet of workouts!  I was able to use a wider range of weights because they were available, did extra cardio since I was already at the gym and really felt the intensity of the workouts! It’s now recovery week and I’m actually bummed because I want to get back in the gym.  However, I was feeling pretty yucky earlier this week so recovery was probably best.  I’m planning on resting up the remainder of this week and then going back to my hardcore self next week!

P90X Review Progress:

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I have no affiliation/sponsorship, etc with BeachBody and P90X. I am simply testing and reviewing the series for fun and educational purposes.

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