Progress Report: P90X Review Week 3

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25% DONE!

Ending week 3 of P90X and I don’t think its possible to do another stinkin’ pullup!

I feel great, but my muscles are exhausted. I am completely ready for a recovery week, even though it means lots of yoga and stretching (not my favs!). I’m also doing a 5K on Saturday so I’ve got to fit in a bit more running this week.


  • Felt so great, I started adding extra cardio.
  • Pulled out some jeans that “shrunk in the wash” around Christmas – they fit great now!
  • Made it a bit further on yoga.


  • Bottomed out a couple of times on push-ups this week.
  • Pull-ups are a struggle this week.  Had to drop some reps.

This week was really interesting because it was the 3rd week of the P90X program and I felt like I was going backwards on progress*.  In the weeks leading up to this one, I felt stronger everyday.  This week, everything seemed much harder and I even had to drop a few reps.  All of this is part of the cycle and its time for the body to rest, although I find yoga and stretching more difficult than lifting weights so I’m anxious to see how the next week goes.

Overall, still happy with the program, even though its a huge time commitment – I am seeing results in myself and in Nik.  On a nutrition note, I am eating about the same as usual but craving junk food, which is strange.  Thinking my body might be lacking something – either that or its just cold and gloomy outside and chocolate always makes that better!

* Thinking back, I was feeling really strong until I started adding extra cardio to my days… maybe that has something to do with it! ;)

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