Butt Exercise: Assercize Week 14

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These side lunges will kick your butt! I’ve been teaching these lunges for years and every time, no matter how fit the person, they feel it the next 2 days in their legs and butt! I’ve found it to be one of the most effective upper thigh/butt moves out there! Plus, you don’t have to have weights to make a difference, although those that are hardcore will see the benefit!

Ass Exercise 14 – Side Lunges

Get ready for a full year of Amy Mac’s butt toning moves!

Assercize was originally created for .  Due to popular demand, we made it a full audio series and now we’ve spiced it up and are re-releasing it! Thank you to  for my scandalous new music! Get ready to shape those gorgeous glutes!

Full set of Assercize Moves

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