Routine versus Rut #1

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hamster on a wheelWhen is a routine good and when is it bad?

You have a plan everyday to fit in what you need to get done, including a workout!

You do the same workout everyday in the gym. You don’t want to just be a hamster on a wheel!

Planning an hour for exercise everyday is great, but you want to make sure that you are really making that time count.  Doing a 3 mile jog and the same 6 weight- lifting exercises is not going to be your best plan. I’m a big fan of cross-training but even if you just bike everyday, you can mix up the routes that you travel and the intensity in which you travel them.

  • Change your intensity – maybe even do slow vs fast intervals.
  • Switch exercises or cardio method – maybe try a hike this weekend or swim a few laps!
  • Reverse your path – only like to run? Instead of your usual loop, loop it in reverse!

Just a few ideas to help you mix up your exercising and help to keep you safe from repetitive motion injuries!

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