Cheap Fitness Gadget Gifts

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In this episode of Fit Life,  we’ve got a couple more awesome fitness gadgets that will make your life a little bit better (and safer!)

The first is these visibility bands. You might not want to invest in reflective clothing or vests so these inexpensive reflective bands can be worn on your wrists or ankles and are great for keeping you safe if you end up exercising after dark. They are $13 for the pair at and i love that they are super subtle in the daylight but super reflective at night time!

Next, we have this water bottle that has a storage compartment! If you’ve ever lost your ID or keys at the gym or even in your own house – this water bottle will keep all of your stuff concealed and collected! It is $20 at and comes in lots of colors.

These fitness gadgets will not only make your life better and safer, but they are also great gift inexpensive gift ideas.

Visibility Bands– $13
Water Bottle – $20

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