Loving Jackie Warner’s Fitness Tips!

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Your favorite badass trainer, Jackie Warner (from Bravo’s Working Out), and I have something in common – we both agree that strength training is a must for losing weight!

Fitness Tips from Jackie Warner:

2.  Lift Weights. Don’t let cardio fool you. According to Warner, cardio is the slowest way to lose weight. To burn more calories faster and add muscle to speed up your metabolism, try resistance training. Concentrate on bigger muscle groups like the chest, back, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. If you are able to do more than 20 reps in a set, you’re being too easy on yourself. Add more weight.

Yes! Yes! YES!! I have been saying this for years. We’ve all heard that muscle burns more calories than fat but no one ever really thinks about what that means! Cardio is a part of every workout plan I build but it is never the focus. I always focus on strength training and building muscle. I like to do circuit training because it minimizes time in the gym, little rest time increases stamina and endurance and doing bursts of cardio in between sets (jump rope, jumping jacks) can keep the heart pumping so that you are in a “training zone” as you lift.

I love Jackie’s hardcore, no-nonsense approach to working out and training. I’d be scared to death to work with her but her passion and working out tips are top notch! We all need someone to tell it like it is… I was recently called out for not working out hard enough during my workouts by my workout buddy. Let me tell you, I was uber annoyed but you know what? I haven’t pushed myself this hard in a few years. Even though I was getting a great workout, I wasn’t feeling a challenge and a push everyday, which shows that everyone can fall into a rut.

Moral of the Story: Strength train to lose weight and ALWAYS find a way to challenge yourself!


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