Are You a Fan of Group Exercise?

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group exerciseWhat are your requirements for a great group exercise class?  Is it the teacher, the music, the group vibe, the moves…what makes a great class?

I’ve been taking lots of group classes lately and of course, I analyze what I do or don’t like about each one.

1) Vibe
I go through phases of wanting to workout on my own and then wanting to be surrounded by people in a studio.  Right now, I’m digging the teamwork, group vibe.

2) Learn something new
I like to see what other instructors have to offer.  Even when I mix things up, its still me training me.

3) Pushed to limits
A great teacher will push me further than I push myself.  Plus, there is always the opportunity to take a friend or meet someone in the class that you can be competitive with!  No matter what your level, you can usually participate and even rest if you are working too hard.

4) Music
I think bad music can make a bad workout – at a group class you are at the mercy of the instructor’s selection.  I also hate it when they don’t move to the beat, it always makes the flow awkward. However, a great playlist can make the time fly and it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

5) Cross-Training Opportunity
Sometimes you get in a rut or your body plateaus.  A great way to mix things up is a cycling, dancing, yoga or pilates class!

What are your favorite or least favorite things about group fitness?

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