Are You A Resolutioner?

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exerciseresolutionsIt’s mid-January, the gyms are starting to clear out again and those that have made, attempted and given up on their New Year’s Resolutions “The Resolutioners” have yet again burned themselves out, lost interest or worse, become injured.  Every January, Resolutioners pack the gyms determined to change their lives for the better.  The regulars stand by, tight-lipped, and share their favorite elliptical machine or take their favorite group ex class from the back corner knowing that this will only last for a few weeks, a month at most. Does this mean that Resolutioners are unwelcome?  No.  It’s just that year after year they enthusiastically march into and then right back out of the delicate world that is the gym.

Are you a Resolutioner? Are you ready to change the pattern? Here are 2 simple ways to turn from a Resolutioner to a Gym Regular!

1) Set Realistic Goals!
It is not realistic for a person to think that overnight they can train themselves to eat healthy, hit the gym daily, stop eating junk food and sleep 8 hours a night! A habit takes 21 days to form – plan accordingly.  Trying to change too many things can be overwhelming and lead to failure.  Only focusing on changing 1 thing per month might be a better way to see results.

2) Write Your Goals Down!
Accountability. Write the goals down anywhere and everywhere – your bathroom mirror, your computer desktop, your fridge! If the resolution is a secret then friends, family and co-workers can’t help keep you on track.

These steps won’t guarantee that you’ll succeed in your resolutions but it will definitely give you a fighting chance.  It’s not too late to make a positive difference in your life for this year, so don’t give up!

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