Leg Stretch: Quadriceps

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You’ve been stuck inside at the gym on the treadmill or you’ve given up exercise all together as the weather declined.  Either way, as the weather improves, it will be time to get outside and resume your exercise routine.   The main thing you want to keep in mind is that you don’t want to get hurt! This means you need to

1) Ease into your outdoor routine

2) Stretch, stretch, stretch!

It can be easy to get carried and away as a weekend warrior and go on really long bike rides, hikes or jogs when the sun comes out.  Make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard, too fast. This can result in physical injury or emotional burn out.

Stretching is so boring and time-consuming.  This is probably why it’s something that few people do.  Turns out, stretching is really good for you, especially after a tough workout.  It helps to cool the muscles down, work out the kinks and this helps to prevent soreness and injury.  Take the time, especially if you’ve been on the bench for a few months, and stretch!

Today we are focusing on the quad stretch because its a great stretch for every sport or activity.  It focuses on the front of the thigh, which takes a beating during running, hiking, biking, walking…

<< Slide Show: How to do the Quad Stretch >>

Watch Amy Mac’s Quad Stretch Video


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