The Skinny on Fast-Food Breakfasts

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Long road trips, getting on a plane, long days in the studio, all day office meetings, these are all times when a hearty breakfast is just what you need.  But if you are on the road or in a hurry, grabbing breakfast from a fast food restaurant can be risky business if you are under-informed.  It might be surprising, but grabbing a breakfast sandwich doesn’t have to be such an unhealthy idea. For example, before I get on a 5 hour flight to the west coast, I get a sausage biscuit with cheese.  It runs about 500 calories and will keep me full for 6 hours (which is unheard of)!  I could go healthier and switch it to an english muffin and add egg, but taste IS a factor for me.  Since I would usually eat a meal and a snack in those 6 hours, my calories come out about the same and I’m not hungry!  Plus, the high sodium content ensures that I will grab a big bottle of water before I get on that plane!

What is your go-to fast food breakfast?

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