Prevent Flu at the Gym

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It’s great to see people at the gym being diligent about wiping down their cardio and weight equipment.  Doing so will definitely help prevent the spread of the flu virus, as well as other germs, bacteria and viruses.

Unfortunately, I often see people just cleaning down the areas that they lean against or sit on.

There are several additional areas that could use the attention of some disinfectant, so here is a friendly reminder:

  1. When you wipe down your machine or equipment, please be sure to clean any and all handles; many weight machines have them, and I regularly see people omit them.
  2. Please be sure to get the stick, lever, knob (or whatever it is) that adjusts the resistance.
  3. If you’re using dumbbells or barbells, be sure to clean down the handles.
  4. If you’re using a shared yoga mat or similar item, lay a clean towel on it first.

It may seem petty or even ridiculous, but wouldn’t you want the person who used the equipment before you to have cleaned it thoroughly?  It won’t take that much extra time to give the machines some much needed attention, and it could help keep us all healthy and flu free!


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