Soda Drinking: The New Pepsi School Policy

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Pepsi has announced that they are no longer going to vend full-calorie beverages in schools.  They will only be serving bottled water, portioned fruit juices, milk and to the upper grade levels, diet soda and possibly sports drinks.

Pepsi To Restrict Caloric Drinks In Schools Worldwide – NPR

I think its great that school vending machines will no longer be serving full calorie soda.  I just think its too bad the policy had to come from the soft drink company instead of the schools.  Either way, I think this will be helpful in lowering the empty calories that kids intake, as long as they don’t load up on artificial juices and sports drinks.  This new worldwide Pepsi school policy is at least a step in the right direction.

Do you think this policy will help fight childhood obesity or not?

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