Fitness Product Review: Skechers ToneUps

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skecher toneupsI bought the Skechers ToneUp sandals for a Fitness Product Review nearly 2 months ago.  I’ve worn them continuously since that time and here is what I think of them:

They are a nice pair of comfortable black casual sandals.  You can barely see the curvature of the sole so no one gives you funny looks.

These shoes are so ridiculously comfortable! I wear them endlessly and even put them to the test with a long weekend of walking in Chicago and they were amazing.

Price Point:
These shoes are $50.  It’s a little high for casual sandals and I would prefer a $35 price point but I’ve worn the shoes SOOO much and am so happy with them that I’ve accepted the $50 price tag. Does that make sense?

I don’t notice my ass lifted or my glutes any more sculpted. BUT I will have to say that when I wore these for my 20 mile walking weekend in Chicago, toward the end, my butt felt like it had been worked out! Now, was this because of the 20 miles of walking? or the shoes?… I’ll never know but I will say this, when I do a ton of walking, I usually don’t feel it in my butt and this time I did.

I don’t know that my butt is better off, but I don’t think I care because these shoes are so comfortable.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a comfy pair of casual walking sandals! If you end up with some butt toning goodness, then added bonus!

Buying these shoes from Zappos was fantastic because they have free shipping both ways so if you pick the wrong size, it won’t cost you.  Plus, they upgraded the shipping to overnight and I think they appeared less than 24 hours after I ordered them.  AND they tweeted me several times to make sure I got the shoes and wishing me luck on my butt-shaping experiment.  I’m now an affiliate of Zappos and super excited because everytime someone uses my link to purchase shoes from Zappos, I’ll get a kickback, which helps keep WAM up and running!

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SKECHERS – Tone Ups – Electric Slide (Black) – Footwear

Let me know if you’ve tried these butt sculpting shoes or ones similar (Reebok EasyTones, SKECHERS Shape Ups, FitFlops). I want to hear your reviews!

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Amy Mac is not a paid affiliate of Skechers.
Amy Mac is a paid affiliate of Zappos.

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