Reading Nutrition Labels

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You’ve probably seen people reading the nutrition labels on virtually everything at the grocery store.  I often wonder, “Do they really know what they are looking at?”  Do you?  The nutrition label is designed for us, the consumers, to have an understanding of what we are consuming.  So, why is it so difficult to decipher?

First and foremost, whether you are trying to lose weight or just maintain it, you need to check the serving size of what you are about to eat or drink.  Many things that appear to be only one serving are really two or three.  This means that the calories, and everything else listed will double or triple when eating or drinking the entire item!

Second, if you are a calorie counter or just calorie conscious, look at the calories per serving.  Your daily goal is usually between 1600 and 2300, depending on your gender and exercise routine.  Being aware of where your calories are coming from can help you to manage your diet better.


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