Secrets to Getting Marilyn Monroe’s Curvy Figure

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When debating and battling the ongoing obesity problem, it is many times mentioned that our standard of beauty has changed. At one time, Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 in today’s clothing sizes. When was the last time you saw a model that was even a 2?!

However, when you see early pictures of Marilyn, it shows how thin and toned she really was, even by today’s standards.

According to her dressmaker, she was 5’5 ½ and fluctuated between 118 and 140 pounds, with measurements that ranged between:

Bust: 35-37″

Waist: 22-23″

Hips: 35-36″

At either weight (118 and 140), Marilyn’s body mass index would fall within the normal 18.5 – 24.9 range – the numbers work out to 19.3 on the low end and 22.9 on the high end (I know BMI is flawed, but without knowing her body fat percentage, it’s the only viable estimate of weight status). Even at her heaviest, Marilyn was by no means overweight.

So what was Marilyn’s secret? In 1952, she reported her diet and fitness regimen to Pageant magazine, complete with pictures.       How I Stay in Shape – Marilyn Monroe

How funny is it to see this classic beauty lifting weights and chugging raw eggs? Although her diet sounds atrocious and her fitness routine was um, inefficient, she was WAY ahead of the times in knowing that working out and eating right were the key to her appearance. The idea of a woman lifting weights in the 40’s and 50’s was simply unheard of! Her diet of low carb and high protein seems on target with many of the current diet trends, although only eating a couple times a day would leave most people exhausted.

Take a tip from Marilyn and lift weights to increase muscle tone, calorie burn and energy!

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