Under Armour Sports Bra Review: The Armour Bra

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When I was approached by Under Armour to try their newest sports bra, the Armour Bra, and give it a review, I was skeptical. Most fitness clothing lines are designed for the 5’8”, 110 lb fitness model and at 5’0” and a curvy 103 lbs, asking me to try and review a clothing product is just asking for disaster. After I told them yes, I even said that I wouldn’t hold it against them and write a negative review if it was ill-fitting because no one makes a sports bra to fit me. If you know me, you know that I struggle getting regular clothes to fit me and I complain about that a lot. But sports bras… they are the worst because not only do I want them to look good and be comfortable but they have to do a job: SUPPORT. So, long story short, they sent me a couple of bras to try and here are my thoughts:

Support  Of course this is the top priority for every lady when selecting a sports bra. I’ve worn many ugly sports bras just to get the support I need! I thought this bra was built well, had great support and in my size there were adjustable straps (very hard to come by) so my short self could still benefit from all the support without compromise.

Comfort  They really did their homework on how to make the bra comfortable. There are wide, soft straps, smooth stitching and really soft elastic and edging. They said it wouldn’t dig or chafe and they were right. Very nice surprise!

Appearance  I was pleasantly surprised with the appearance of the sports bra. Up until now, my favorite functional sports bra has been one of the most unattractive ones I own. I love that this one is subtle, clean lines, a nice accent color (without being too girlie), a little bit of understated pattern accents and the silver stitching added some punch to it! Plus, the fit was so great that it was flattering on me. I would definitely wear this bra on camera.

Overall  It sounds like I should be an Under Armour endorser because I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this bra. I should probably find something less kiss up though, so how about the price? The bra goes for $57.99 and I think that is steep. However, maybe this will suck me in to the quality vs. quantity standard I really crave. I do it with jeans, why not sports bras?! If I could have 3 of these, I could throw out all of my other ones so in that case, these might be a steal.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have been able to review the Armour Bra and even more excited that I get to keep it! If you want to try it yourself – find it at UnderArmour.com – and no, I’m not an affiliate or an endorser. Although, Under Armour, I would really like to be a spokesperson so let’s talk about making this official! ;)

Giveaway! I have a 34C to give away so if this is you – shoot me an email – [email protected] – with “I need that bra” in the subject line and I’ll enter you in the giveaway. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!

Thank you again to Under Armour for giving me the product to try and giveaway!

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