Arm Exercises! Going to the Next Level!

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Bored with arm exercises – I’ve got 3 moves that will rock your arms in no time!

Today we are throwing out our boring tricep and arm exercises and adding in some new more challenging ones! Let’s get started with…

3 legged crab: This bodyweight move works the triceps, shoulders and the core by challenging your balance as well! This is an intermediate move but the results are worth it!

Medicine ball pushup pass: This medicine ball pushup variation works the chest and triceps and helps to improve muscle coordination!

Pushup with your hands on the stability ball: Guaranteed to tone those triceps, this muscle (and balance) buster will give you the sleeveless look you’ve been craving.

These are just a few moves that will take your triceps and arms to the next level! Let me know what your next level arm exercises are!

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