Split to Fit

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sharing foodAlmost all of us are watching our wallets and our waists right now. However, when you meet friends out and about it is usually for food or drink. Not only can this be pricey but it can also give you too many calories for the day, leading to weight gain. Something I’ve always done with Chris but have recently started doing with friends is splitting dishes and therefore the check when we go out. Of course, this has to be someone that you are comfortable with and have the same food interest but I’ve found that most of my friends and I are on the same page. I’ve also found that this encourages me to be a bit more daring on my food choices since I’m only stuck with part of the dish. The other day, I even split a cocktail with my lunch date. We considered it more of a ‘tasting’ than ‘sharing’ and ended up with a wonderful lunch, all because we couldn’t decide on our food selection and decided splitting would be our best option.

Chris and I generally split an entree and an appetizer instead of both getting 2 entrees. He usually gets the entree, which comes with salad or soup and sides, while I either order a la carte or off the appetizer menu. Many times, I still have leftovers for lunch the next day.

Another tip is to make sure when the food comes, place your share on a separate plate and eat from that instead of off of several plates. This will help you make sure to keep your portions in control. Don’t let dining out sabotage your waist or your wallet!

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