Burn Calories Walking

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Walking is good exercise. Exercise burns calories. Therefore, walking burns calories and we all know that burning calories is how we lose weight! Burning calories walking is so easy.  So why don’t we all do more of it? In this Fit Life, Amy Mac walks your through how many extra steps you would need to add to your day in order to shed some pounds.  Tips like getting a pedometer, walking the stairs (up & down!) and actively trying to move more are just some of the insight in this quick health and fitness tip video!

Fit Links:

Shape Up America – ShapeUp.org
10,000 Steps a Day – TheWalkingSite.com
Based on Fitness Attack with Amy Mac Book Tip #3

Math: 2000 steps = mile 3500 cals= lb
@20 min mile = 10 min 1/2 mile. ~ 100 (+EPOC) cals/ 10 min. 100×31 days = 3100+ cals
4000 steps = 40 min = 400 cals/ day x 9 days =3600+ cals.


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