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We’ve all heard about junk food… but now there’s junk sleep!  I’ve been reading multiple articles lately that have expressed concern over teenagers falling asleep in front of the computer or TV, and thereby diminishing their overall sleep time.

In addition to lowering the actual number of hours spent sleeping, it also apparently diminishes the quality of the sleep.  According to these articles, the TV engages you and the flickering light inhibits relaxation.  My thought is that if these findings are true in regards to teenagers, they’re likely true for the rest of us as well.

Try leaving these things out of the bedroom or at least shutting them down or off before you go to bed; it may help you sleep better in the long run.

Need more convincing?  Poor sleep has also been considered a factor when it comes to a poor diet and obesity, and overall energy and mood.   Rethinking the TV and computer may be worth it.

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