Savor the Flavor

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… only 25 days until the book release!


Has this ever happened to you?  You decide to splurge and order dessert.  The first bite is amazing, but then as you continue to eat the dish begins to lose its luster.

Nothing is ever as good as those first couple of bites, so why is it then that we just can’t seem to quit while we’re ahead?  We should be able to savor what portion of the dessert we did have and feel good about the fact that we didn’t eat the whole thing.  This, however, takes some will power.

Here are a couple of quick suggestions on how to make this a little easier while still allowing yourself to enjoy the sweet treat:

1.  Share – If there are four of you at dinner, order one or two desserts, taste and enjoy each of them and then stop.  Nobody wants to be the one that finishes the whole thing, right?

2.  Focus – If there are only two of you, stop talking when dessert arrives.  Focus on the taste of those first few bites and really enjoy it.  Then, push the dessert aside and continue with your conversation.  This will allow you to fully use your senses on this indulgence and, since you aren’t clearing the plate, you won’t be riddled with the guilt after you leave.


Amy Mac’s 2nd book Fitness Made Too Easy is going to be released on Halloween 2010!  That’s right, 10/31/10! It will feature 101 easy tips to help you live a healthy and fit life! 91 of those tips will be released right here, starting today and going through the launch date. The last 10 tips are EXCLUSIVE to the book so if you want them, you’ll have to buy the book! We are also working on lots of bonus material to overload the book! Pre-order your copy now!

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