Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

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The Super Bowl is here! Whether or not you are a football fan, the Super Bowl is treated like a holiday in this country and we celebrate with friends and food! This is all wonderful until you realize that the amount of junk food you are eating in those few hours is enough to derail your fitness progress for an entire week! Come on, you don’t want to still be working off those fried potato skins next weekend, do you? We always talk about how much your diet affects your weight loss goals and this instance is the perfect example. Everyone is always so afraid to take healthy food to a party like this because everyone will complain about the ‘diet food’ and how awful it tastes. But truth be told, everyone is always talking about watching what they eat and trying to diet so why not make everyone’s life better?! Find healthy super bowl snacks that are delicious. It really is that simple. I found so many recipes that look amazing and are at least HEALTHIER than their inspiration. And that’s really the point, right? Make little changes that will add up.

Here are some of my favorite recipe and snack ideas for a great football weekend:

Chili is such a great idea because it is hearty, healthy and great for the cold weekend ahead! The spinach and salsa dips are making my mouth water! I mean, how can you look at these easy, healthy and delicious super bowl snack ideas and think diet food? Let’s get rid of the stigma this weekend and enjoy a happy and healthy Super Bowl game while keeping with those New Year’s Resolutions! ¬†Go …ers! ;)

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