Warm Up so You Can Take Charge!

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I’ll make this simple as to not waste your time.  You speak to your body just like you speak to people.  If you walk in to a Harley Store and start screaming at the guys and demanding stuff…you’re gonna get hurt.  This is just like your body.  If you take off at a mad sprint or start pumping iron immediately once you enter the gym…you’re gonna get hurt.  There is an amazingly amazingly easy way to stop all the pain though.

Warm up and Cool Down
Everyone knows you have to warm up and it sucks and you just wanna do your work out and go home and make cookies and fall asleep to Charles in Charge reruns, but unfortunately if you get hurt cause you didn’t warm up it is gonna spoil your whole days plan.

Warm up
A warm up means 5-10 means of aerobic exercise (aka jumping up and down or running) to get your heart and muscles primed for whatever is coming next.  When you wake up in the morning and can’t jump out of bed, IT”S BECAUSE OF THE EXACT SAME REASON. You gotta warm up.  Don’t let Charles down on this one.

Cool Down
The same way you would leave the shop of angry Harley riders is the same thing your body DEMANDS.  You gotta COOL DOWN.  All the blood is rushing through your muscles furiously trying to give you energy and you have to help yourself literally cool down naturally or you could run into problems like overheating, getting sick or even fainting.  Ever get off a treadmill and think you were gonna pass out?  Did you cool down for 5-10 min? Hmmm Hmmm thought so.

So what did we learn here?
1. Warming up is good
2 .Cooling down is good
3. Cookies and Charles in Charge reruns equal the perfect day

Got any suggestions for a good warm up or cool down?  Prefer “Who’s the Boss” instead of “Charles”?  Let me know in the comments below.


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