Suspension Training Reviews: Human Trainer

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If you’ve ever wanted to work out at home or in the park but don’t want to drag around and store clunky weights and equipment, then you might be looking for the Human Trainer!

The Human Trainer is a suspension system, similar to TRX, but offers more versatility in its training. It is designed to work your entire body using your own weight as resistance and will work for any fitness level targeting strength, cardio and flexibility.

Amy Mac’s Review: First of all, it’s really easy to set up. At first, I was concerned when I saw all the pieces but it took me about 3 minutes flipping through the User Manual to figure out how to use it and what all the pieces were for. I opted for the over the door mount because since I was only testing the product, I didn’t want to drill holes in my ceiling or door frame. However, the mounts are sleek and if I was going to keep it, I would definitely use the mounts because it allows for more exercises and workout options.

I was able to do lots of exercises and liked that you can make exercises easier or harder by just adjusting your body’s angle. This means you aren’t spending tons of time adjusting weights and equipment. I think this is great for people that don’t have the time, space or money for weight lifting equipment like dumbbells. It also allows you to go out to the park, beach or even your backyard and get a great workout. The Human Trainer package is $149 for the essential setup and $269 for the full potential, which is the package that I tested.

I think this is a great home workout system that doesn’t require bulky weights but I would recommend getting the program dvd so you can learn to do short, efficient workouts to maximize your results. Thank you to the Astone Fitness for sending us the Human Trainer to review and letting us give it away to someone in our audience – stay tuned for details!

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