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3 Easy Ways to Get Kids on the Right Path of Healthy Living!

Each year, kids become heavier and unhealthier, many kids are even dealing with health issues like Type 2 Diabetes and chronic knee and back pain. We can’t change the situation over night but there are things we can do to get kids moving and making fitness fun.
Here are just 3 ways that we can get kids moving and on the right track to fight obesity and avoid health issues.

1) Make Learning an Activity
Forget sitting at a desk or staring at a computer – make games up to use for teaching tools. Try something like jumproping while saying the alphabet or practicing multiplication tables.

2)Make Play Time Fun Again
Earn outside play points, reward the family with hikes, biking and even fundraising events – lead by example showing kids that its a big active world if they just leave the couch!

3)Education of Parents and Kids
We have to find a way to teach parents and kids how to eat healthy and serve proper portions. I’m not sure how exactly you do that but if it could become common knowledge then so many of the health and weight issues for kids and adults will diminish.

These are just 3 of my suggestions for how to get kids moving and on the right track to fight obesity but What Do YOU Think? Make sure to leave comments or send me your suggestions [email protected] .

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