Fitness Product Review: Underwater Audio Headphones

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fitness product review underwater audio headphonesIf you are a lap swimmer, then I think having underwater headphones will be a workout changer for you.

Every time I get in the pool, someone approaches me about my headphones and I find that I’m always insisting they get a pair. I hate to swim but somehow when I’m caught up in the music, the time and the laps fly by. I’ve tried several setups and this one is one of my favorites so I’m happy to share my experience with you.

These are the underwater headphones from I love the fact that shuffle itself clips right onto the goggles. I also like that you can move from one sport to another without taking time to setup. I used these for tri training and it was great to get out of the pool and go for a run. I don’t love the headphones. I had trouble with them flopping around while swimming but I think I might still be able to work around this.

Overall, the versatility of this shuffle makes it easy to go through workout seasons or phases without switching setups. The cost is a little steep at $165 but the quality and the versatility justify the price if you are a dedicated exerciser.

Underwater Audio Headphones

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