Do This Exercise! Up and Out Full Body Squats

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Up and Out Full Body Squat!

Take your squat to the next level by challenging your core and working your arms!

Doing a squat is a great lower body workout. You challenge the legs, butt and core. When that becomes easy, you want to add a weight and notice the difference in your squat. You will notice that you can ‘sit’ back a little bit more if you are holding the weight in front of you. You should not squat past 90 degrees and your knees should not come over your toes. Now that you have mastered the weighted squat – you can start adding the arm portion. As you squat, push the ball or weight out in front of you at chest height and keep it steady. Bring it back into your chest as you stand up. Now lift the weight over your head and then lower back to your chest. You should be squeezing your butt and abs the WHOLE TIME! Keep all your movements slow and controlled and you will be rewarded with great full body results!

You can add a single set of these to your current workout or do 3 sets of 15 to replace your usual squat workout.

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