Exercise for Butt: Assercize Week 2

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The squat is standard practice for those interested in shaping up their lower body.  It is great for your butt, thighs, calf muscles.  Make sure to look straight forward, squeeze the abs to get in a bonus workout and make sure to breathe.

Tune in as Amy Mac walks your through this butt-lifting squat workout!

Ass Exercise 2 – Squat

Get ready for a full year’s worth of butt toning exercises!

Ready to up the intensity of the squat?  Check out these advanced exercises!

Plie Squat

Walking Squat

Assercize was originally created for .  Due to popular demand, we made it a full audio series and now we’ve spiced it up and are re-releasing it! Thank you to  for my scandalous new music! Get ready to shape those gorgeous glutes!

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