Exercise Multi Tasking

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… only 31 days until the book release!



It’s time for a friendly reminder to all of you out there who are making an attempt at working out or going to the gym by simply putting in the time and nothing more.  If you’re reading a book or magazine or checking emails on your smartphone while doing cardio, then you are not working hard enough!

I know that multi-tasking is important, but when you’re only partially committed to something, it shows.  Of course you’re allowed an easy day once in a while, but if you don’t walk out of the gym thinking that what you just did was a great workout, then you didn’t put enough into it. Allowing yourself to be distracted during a workout seems to happen most when you get stuck in a routine or when you’re not seeing results.  If you notice yourself slipping like this, try switching equipment or attending a new class to get back on track.

The next time you’re working out, think about quality and not quantity.


Fitness Attack #2, the book, is going to be released on Halloween 2010!  That’s right, 10/31/10! It will feature 101 easy tips to help you live a healthy and fit life! 91 of those tips will be released right here, starting today and going through the launch date. The last 10 tips are EXCLUSIVE to the book so if you want them, you’ll have to buy the book! We are also working on lots of bonus material to overload the book! More info on ordering and content to come – stay tuned!


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