Stability Ball Arm Exercises

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Stability Ball Arm ExercisesWhen it comes to stability ball arm exercises I can’t think of anything better than the pushup.  Of course there are several exercises you can do – bicep curls, bridges, etc. but the best of the stability ball arm exercises belongs to the pushup.  (See video below.)  Not only does a pushup on the stability ball workout your arms, but your core is activated because you have to keep your whole body balanced on the ball as you push up and down.  Although it seems like one of the simplest exercises to do, I think it is one of the most challenging ones you can do on a stability ball.  If you don’t believe me give it go.

Stability Ball Arm Exercises – Ball Pushup

1. Start standing with your arms straight out in front of you with your right hand pointing right and left hand pointing left. (This is the main position for the move.)

2. Place your hands on the ball and walk your feet out away from the ball.

3. Slowly lower yourself on to the stability ball and then push back towards the sky.  Squeeze your stomach and your butt and try to keep your body in a straight line.

After a few of these pushups, go down to the floor and see how easy it is to do them on a solid surface… uh huh right.  Told you so.

This workout done on the ball is MUCH better than doing it on the ground.  It not only works out your arms, but engages your core and stability.

Check out this stability ball arm exercise video – The Ball Pushup

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Here are some more stability ball arm exercises from Amy Mac.


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