Gym Etiquette: Gym Rule #1

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As we come up on New Year’s Resolution time, we know the gym is going to be packed with Resolutioners.  It’s always fun to have their excitement but it’s also a time to teach and lead by example when it comes to gym etiquette. I’ve been taking suggestions, listening to comments and noting my own experiences in various gyms across the country this year and I’ve come up with a complete “What to do in the gym” list. Let’s get started with Gym Rule #1!

Clean Up After Yourself!

The #1 thing you all said was the worst faux pas in the gym was people not wiping up their sweat or using a towel.

Use a towel when you are working out using a bench, machine or mat. Also, make sure to use the spray or wipes provided by the gym and wipe up after yourself! It’s easy to forget but even when you are taking a group exercise class, have a towel ready!

Re-rack them.  It’s not that I can’t move the 45 lb. plate weights off the squat machine, it’s that I don’t want to AND I shouldn’t have to interrupt my workout to do so. Re-racking weights is one of the biggest problems at gyms.  Not only does it make it easier for the next person to start with a clean slate but it also signals that the equipment is available. On the flip side, it makes it easier to locate weights you want to add to your equipment when you don’t have to hunt all over the gym.

Water bottles, protein bar wrappers – don’t leave a trail! No one wants to work out at a dirty gym.

These gym rules are simple and easy to do.  A gym is a public place and with everyone sharing the space, gym etiquette is a most!  Stay posted for Gym Rule #2!

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